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Mr Russell has recently made the change to a biodegradable, non-caustic oven cleaning service. We work closely with Dirtbusters, who, after much hard work and market research,have developed their own specialised non-caustic formula with no fumes, no odours and no harmful chemicals.

Firstly, all removable parts of your oven are taken outside your property to our heated dip tank where the grease and burnt on food deposits are removed. Our operative will then apply our caustic-free formula to the interior of your oven. Using specialist tools, all traces of carbon, grease and fat are removed leaving the oven in excellent condition.

The doors can usually be removed and split apart to clean between the glass panels unless the oven is a sealed unit. The fan and fan plate on an electric oven are also removed and cleaned. Any carbon behind the fan is removed as this is the usual cause of smoking from the oven at high temperatures and, in extreme cases, can be a fire hazard.

The oven is then re-assembled, polished and the exterior degreased. Stainless steel ovens, hobs and extractors are also oiled to leave a highly polished finish.

We can also replace the extractor hood filter and any bulbs if required.

Mr Russell has adopted the Dirtbusters environmentally friendly, non-caustic oven cleaning system as we value our own health as much as yours and feel it is important that there are no harmful or toxic fumes. However, on rare occasions, if our dip tank is unavailable or if the oven is in a block of flats where the tank cannot be set up outside, we may sometimes need to revert to the use of our old caustic system. If you would like to check that we are using the non-caustic products on your oven, please do not hesitate to ask our operative.




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